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Pure Red Wigglers No Blues mixed in. They are weighed, mixed with peat for shipping. They consume great amounts of organic material. They leave you castings that are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and loads of micronutrients. Under ideal conditions, they can eat their body weight each day. They reproduce very rapidly and tolerate different growing conditions. We strive for excellent customer service and are proud to have pure stock and our honesty.


All orders must be placed by SATURDAY by 1:00pm to make the Monday or Tuesday shipping. All orders that come in after 1:00pm on Saturday will be shipped the following Monday/Tuesday (9 days later)


Our inventory is limited but we will continue to make available more each week so your order will be filled in the following week or weeks depending on volume of orders we receive and time order was placed. We add inventory at the beginning of each week. All orders will be filled in order (First come - First serve). Please feel free to email us with your order number to inquire how long it will be before your order is filled. Does not include worm chow or worm blanket


Pure Red Wiggler Composting Worms , ( Reds only) No Blue worms

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Red Wigglers are the smallest of the worms but they sure are prolific. They are also one of the top composting worms out there. They'll eat all your kitchen scraps and junk mail.  They are very forgiving worms and can tolerate cold temps but not extreme winters. These are pure Eisenia Fetida, there are no blues mixed in. 

    Your little workers will reproduce really fast. Within 3 weeks of receiving them in ideal bin conditions, you'll start seeing cocoons. Each cocoon has 3-6 babies. You do the math:)

  • When your worms arrive they will be a little dehydrated. Place the entire content in your bin and water thoughly. Cover them with a wet newspaper or box. Leave them alone until the next day. Sprinkle some worm chow on the surface to get them eating. 

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