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The Garden And Worm Lady Pure Red Wigglers.

Buy from one of the best worm farmers on the market today and a popular Youtube creator. You'll not only recieve your worms you'll also receive your questions answered plus valuable information.

$34.98 1/4lb

Free Shipping 

Our worms are bedrun, which means you get all sizes. Adults to babies, maybe even an occasional cocoon.

Red Wigglers are one of the best composting worms i've ever raised. They will go through your food scraps and junk mail leaving you beautiful organic castings. Worms castings aka "Worm Poop" is safe to use on all plants plus  you can make compost tea with it. 

Red Wigglers are the smallest of the worms but they sure are prolific. They are also one of the top composting worms out there. They'll eat all your kitchen scraps and junk mail.  They are very forgiving worms and can tolerate cold temps but not extreme winters. These are pure Eisenia Fetida, there are no blues mixed in. We are proud to say we can honestly say we have pure stock. 

Your little workers will reproduce really fast. Within 3 weeks of receiving them in ideal bin conditions, you'll start seeing cocoons. Each cocoon has 3-6 babies. You do the math:)

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