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Worm chow for fat worms

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The famous worm chow or as some also call it worm feed. Worm Chow is an excellent alternative to feeding food scraps to your composting worms. It has vitamins at least my blend does and keeps them healthy. If you cook occasionally you won't have the food scraps to feed them as much as they need. This is where the worm chow comes in.

How to use:

Basically, you spray the surface of your worm bin with water and sprinkle it on the surface. I like to cover mine with damp newspaper. The wet newspaper brings the worms up

deep in their bedding to feast. Check it every two days. If the chow is gone feed again. If it's not then leave it another day longer.

Only feed the chow once you see the chow gone. If you overfeed your bin it can cause loads of problems such as pests, and the bedding to go sour.

Worm chow
Worm chow for fattening up worms

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