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20 years raising composting worms

My Story

 How I got started raising composting worms.


I was living in Texas in 2002. My husband built me a garden in the backyard because I've always wanted one. My first vegetable was bought from the garden center and I was excited. I planted my plants as soon as I arrived home. Despite the fact that I didn't see anything dark about the soil, I didn't think much about it. As soon as I planted my veg, I noticed that the water I was giving them was disappearing rapidly. I knew there was a problem. While browsing YouTube on an old computer, I saw people adding compost to their gardens. I saw people using worms to create something called Vermicast. Vermicast is also known as castings, which is worm poop. I knew I had to figure out how to make it myself. A lady was doing this on YouTube and selling worms as well. In my kitchen, I had to find a place for the worms to live. My worms would definitely die in Texas because of the weather and fire ants. 

My mom was visiting, and it was my birthday. She asked what I wanted, and I told her a worm factory. As I turned down the gucci




purse, her face looked as if she was about to fall off her chair. Both were quickly ordered. I set up the worm factory first since it arrived first. After a week, the worms arrived. Red Wigglers is the name of the composting worm she sent me. Esenia Fetida is its scientific name. 


Luckily for me, the worms quickly settled in and didn't escape. I started slowly feeding my kitchen scraps and boy were these worms fat. They grew beautifully and composted for me for several years. I'm now at my 19th year using my worms to compost and it's a decision I don't regret.  Happy Composting.




Saving the planet one worm at a time.

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